The new Nulls Brawl update that allows you to invite your friends

The new Nulls Brawl update that allows you to invite your friends

The latest version of Nulls Brawl private server has been updated and received important innovations. Private server Nulls Brawl never disappoints and it’s developers are constantly updating and creating something new. This time, updates affected an important feature that was missing.

Specifically a system of friends that will allow you to unite your friends on the server. It is a pretty cool feature that will allow you to invite your friend and fight in alliance with pumped fighters.

Friends system at Nulls Brawl

The new function is implemented almost like in the official game. Except for the invitation by the link. But in any case, you can share your account ID and your friend can easily find you. From now on you can see your friends on the list and you will know if they are online. This means that you can invite a friend to the team and no more randomities online.

Friends are online on the Nulls Brawl server

Previously, it was also possible to create a team of three players, but for this you had to share a room tag. Now everything is much easier:

Teams were removed

This time it was decided to remove 2 teams that were needed to be entered in the clan’s chat. Although this complements the capabilities of the server, not everyone has yet figured out how to use the commands. Now it became much easier: to unlock all the fighters, you just need to open the box from the store.

Boxes for upgrading and unlocking:

• Unlock all brawlers! – unlocks all fighters;
• Upgrade all brawlers! – pumps all the fighters and opens them with gadgets and ults;

Player Matching Groups

If you’ve been wondering if that is all, it is not! A new method for selecting players has also been added to the server. Now the selection of opponents and allies will be much more serious. After all, they will be selected by the number of cups, almost like in the usual Brawl Stars.


• from 0 to 350;
• from 350 to 1000;
• from 1000 to 3000;
• 3000+;

The only thing in this update that the developers decided not to change is the main client of the game. Therefore, you will not find the functionality in the settings, which allows you to change the location of the joysticks.
The server had been updated remotely so you don’t have to download it again.

Download Null’s Brawl 26.184 with Jacky, Sprout

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