Nulls mod Brawl Stars v.25.130 Nulls private server

Nulls mod Brawl Stars v.25.130 Nulls private server

What is new in this new version of game?

There you will find a new braver, Mr. P, who throws suitcases and whose superpower is setting the base that makes penguin robots.

Some of the brawlers, such as Tara, 8-BIT and Bibi, got the new skins.
There’s also a new awesome game mode – The Hot Zone!

Finally there is more money, a million of crystals, endless boxes that are restored when you restart the game and sets of chests! And all of it is absolutely free!

The key of this game is in exciting battles between you and other users. Remember: your time is limited, and you have only 3 minutes to fight. You can play with users from all over the world. Your favorite characters are always ready to upgrade, so don’t miss the chance to improve them!

If you want a group game you can easily join any clan. On the other hand you can create your own clan, with support and search results.

What if you don’t like your old nickname anymore? From now it is not a problem! On this private server it’s possible to change the nickname, as well as make it different colors. And if you want to try something new, there are some great rare skins. 33 brawlers, deleted cards and training battle cards are at your service at any time.

But this is not all: getting stellar power has become much simple because it is given to players in the chests.

Game modes on a private server

For example, you can play in a clan at Crystal Capture. And this is a very exciting mode; you need not only to capture a dozen of your enemy’s crystals, but also not to lose your own crystals. But be aware, the death of your character must not be allowed; otherwise the crystals will die along with the character.

In the “Robbery” mode, the battle takes place in the 3×3 format. You need to rob the enemy’s safe, but do not let them do the same with yours.

The Browball mode is for those who know how important the work of a good forward is. Attack the opponent’s goal, it’s time to score him 2 goals and the victory is yours! However, remember that red cards are not issued in the game.

The “Collision” mode is the one whose motto is: “The strongest will win!” » Single player and steam play are both possible.

As you can now see, a private server is an excellent opportunity to enjoy your favorite game at maximum speed and with tons of advantages.

Chat Commands

  • / help – call for help
  • / clean – clear progress, reset data
  • / delscore – deleting the cups from the brawlers
  • / status – current information of the server
  • / unlock – unlock all brawlers (available to premium players)
  • / full – full upgrade of all characters (available to premium players)
  • / addscore – equipping each brawler with 85 cups (available to premium players)

Pros and cons of a private server

– All the skins are open, even the newest.
– All brawlers available
– Servers are weak so not everyone can log in, you have to wait.
– The game often crashes and is buggy.
– Old modes are not available: Showdown, Leech and others.

Download Brawl Stars v.25.130 Nulls private server

Nulls mod Brawl Stars private server

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