Null’s Brawl Update!

Null's Brawl Update!

Developers rewrote the code of the main server, that was responsible for the fighting, and also brought in the queues. This is how it works: if you are not successful in creating a battle due to the server being full, you won’t get an error sign, instead your battle would be placed in a queue in an order. As soon as the battlefield is free your fight will immediately begin.

The fight will be placed in a waiting list no longer than for 10 seconds, the timer will be displayed on the screen. And if your battle won’t start in a due time, then you will get an error, just like before. The main advantage of this innovation is that you don’t have to constantly poke a button in order to enter the battle.

Chat Commands

/ help – call for help
/ clean – clear progress, reset data
/ delscore – deleting the cups from the brawlers
/ status – current information of the server
/ unlock – unlock all brawlers (available to premium players)
/ full – full upgrade of all characters (available to premium players)
/ addscore – equipping each brawler with 85 cups (available to premium players)

Download Null’s Brawl Update

Null’s Brawl

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