DOWNLOAD NEW UPDATE of BRAWL STARS 33.151 with a new brawler RUFFS and NEW SKINS

UPD 2021-02-19

NEW UPDATE of BRAWL STARS with a new brawler RUFFS and NEW SKINS

New brawler – Colonel Ruffs!

New brawler - Colonel Ruffs!

Main Attack: Shoots two parallel bullets that ricochet off the walls.

Super Attack: Calls in an airstrike from space, throws a radio station on which a rocket will later fall.

Passive: after using Super, the dropped shield restores 700 hp.

Gadget: not yet known.

New skins:

– Dark Lord Spike
– Navigator Collet
– Space OX Bull
– D4R-RY1 (Derryl)
– Ronin Ruffus
– Dark Pirate Karl
– Tuxedo Lou

Download the latest Brawl Stars 33.151 update with the new RUFFS brawler

Download the latest private server NULLS BRAWL 33.151 Brawl Stars with a new brawler RUFFS

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