New brawler, new skins, Brawlpass and much more on Brawl Stars

New brawler, new skins, Brawlpass and much more on Brawl Stars

Tomorrow at 9am live on our TWITCH channel will the Brawl Talk be broadcast which will announce a new brawler, new skins, the brawlpass and maybe even the new emotes?

Brawl Talk live here on the site

New chromatic Brawler coming soon

New chromatic Brawler coming soon

A new brawler has been announced with the arrival of the new update and has been confirmed by the title of the Brawl Talk PREMIERE which will be tomorrow morning at 9 am. Why a chromatic brawler? Because the arrival of only one brawler has been announced and since the brawl pass will be released, which will guarantee 1 chromatic brawler, I am therefore sure that the incoming brawler is just a chromatic one.

    Analyzing the image released today we can observe some things:

  • The phone has the shape of Mister P’s penguins, I think they want to announce the arrival of a new skin for him. But I don’t think it has to do with the mysterious brawler in the picture, why would Mister P sweep the snow? and above all, sweep the snow with the suitcase? No it can’t be. Maybe a new skin will arrive for Mister P, but I don’t think it has to do with sweeping the snow;
  • Brawlpass behind the phone, is it certainly to indicate that that brawler will be redeemed through a brawl pass, otherwise what sense would it make to put the brawlpass in this image?
  • Emotes under the “Brawl Talk” logo, I believe they will replace the temporary emotes with the new Brawl Stars themed ones, in fact the blue thumb up emotes seems to have the same function as the one in the image, which represents Tara with a thumb in up.
  • The hand could be chromatic, so it could make it clear that

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