Download Null’s Brawl 33.151 with the NEW BRAWLER RUFFS

UPD 2021-02-19

Download Null's Brawl with the NEW BRAWLER RUFFS

The 5 season began not only on the official servers, but also on our favorite private server. As always, everything that was in the January update was included in the Nuls Brawl update. Namely: new chromatic NEW BRAWLER RUFFS, space and moon skins, badges, gadgets and balance changes.

What’s new?

– New loading screen
– New skins
– New second gadgets: Frank, Jin, Poco, Nani, Rose, Tara, and Tick
– New Emojis for Lunar New Year!
– Balance change
– New emoji
– Many small improvements

8 new gadgets

They will be released every week for 2 fighters during the season:

  • Frank: fast attack, no swing attack
  • Jin: shoots projectiles at opponents
  • Poco: creates a zone around itself that heals
  • Mr. Pi: increases the attack range (spawns 1 robot penguin at the end of the attack)
  • Nani: teleports to a random place, within a certain radius
  • Rose: all bushes on the map do 100 damage
  • Tara: creates 3 shadows of 1000 hp
  • Tick: creates a protective barrier, when approaching an enemy, deals 1000 damage and pushes the enemy back

New skins

  • Dark Lord Spike
  • Navigator Collet
  • Space OX Bull

  • D4R-RY1 (Derryl)
  • Dark Pirate Karl

  • Ronin Ruffs

Balance changes

Jesse: Increased damage from 1288 → 1568 (+ 21.7%)
Bibi: increased health from 5320 → 5880 (+ 10.5%)
Amber health increased from 4200 → 4480 (+ 5.3%)
Jin increased damage from 1400 → 1512 (+ 8%)

Other changes

Icon animation continues! This time, 6 brawler icons will animate: Nita, Piper, Pam, Spike, Jesse and Beebe. Lunar pins will also be on sale for Lunar New Year.

Download NULLS BRAWL 33.151 with the NEW BRAWLER RUFFS

Download the latest Brawl Stars 33.151 update with the new RUFFS brawler

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