DOWNLOAD NULLS BRAWL 35.179 with NEW BRAWLERS Belle and Squeak


DOWNLOAD NULLS BRAWL 35.139 with NEW BRAWLERS Belle and Squeak

In the new update, the NULLS BRAWL has 2 new brawlers Belle and Squeak

New Chromatic Brawler of the 6th season “The Gang of the Golden Hand” – Belle

Basic Attack
She fires a projectile that will bounce from target to target until it is disconnected.

A special bullet, if it hits an enemy, he takes more damage from all targets

Squeakis the new Mythic Brawler coming out in May.

He is part of the General Gavs trio. Squeak evolved from Gavs’ drool that had accumulated on his dog toys.

Squeak shoots explosive toys that stick to enemies and walls thanks to his saliva.

This is a bomb that remains on the battlefield and explodes in a huge area.

DOWNLOAD NULLS BRAWL 35.179 with NEW BRAWLERS Belle and Squeak

DOWNLOAD BRAWLSTARS 35.179 with BELLE and Squeak

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  1. I have sqweak and belle in rank 35

  2. ⛩️ RZM64 🥀

    Fajna gra

  3. ⛩️ RZM64 🥀

    Fajny nulss

  4. Plss nulls brawl new brawler belle and squek

  5. Sqeck is good

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