Download Nulls Brawl 42.322 with Eva – new version of 2022!

A new season is about to begin – Biodome has a lot of new features waiting for us: maps, skins, a fighter, and as many as 2 game modes! Welcome to Brawl Stars!

nulls eve


Eve is a new brawler

Eve is an alien spaceship-wielding flea who will be in a trio with Gavs. She destroys anyone who gets in her way.

Eve attack

Her main attack is to shoot three eggs in a row. These eggs vary in size and damage.
Her Super is a large egg that hatches into three babies in a few seconds. If not destroyed before they reach the nearest enemy, they will deal damage over time.

What else can Eva do?

And Eve has a unique feature. Since she flies everywhere in a spaceship, she is able to hover over water, pits, and so on. She will also get the “Prickly Eve” skin at the last level.


Download Nulls Brawl 42.322 with Eva


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