Download Nulls Brawl 30.242 with new brawler – Amber

Null’s Brawl has been updated to a new version 30.242. Play with new Legendary Brawler Amber, new skins in custom map with new hidden emoji & gadgets!

There are no big changes.
What’s new:

All new skins.
Added new Legendary Brawler Amber
Added Map Maker
Added new hidden emoji, which can be used in the multiplayer
Added 10 new hidden gadgets.
Also we temporary disabled few gamemodes. So now only GemGrab, Showdown (solo and duo), Brawlball, Heist, Bounty and Lone Stars are currently available. All another gamemodes can be unavailable. It will be implemented soon.


Recently, a new update for Brawl Stars was announced with a new game environment, a new fighter and new skins. After downloading the private server Nulls Brawl you will have a new Legendary Amber, countless boxes and online battles.


Main attack: attacks the enemy with fire until it runs out of ammunition, which is gradually restored.
Super: Throws a bottle of burning liquid at a cluster of enemies. Deals damage over a large area.

Main changes to NULLS BRAWL:

  • Legendary fighter Amber
  • Unlimited boxes
  • All skins are open
  • Online battles
  • New Brawl-o-Ween challenge.
  • New skins.
  • Map Editor.
  • Teleport on some maps.

Download NULLS BRAWL with new brawler – Amber

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