Download Mod Nice Brawl 28.189 with SURGE

Download Mod Nice Brawl 28.189 with SURGE latest version

About Nice Brawl graphics

The most interesting thing in this mod is the improved graphics, with it the skins take on a completely new look. In the previous post, when they described the graphics, they did not notice (or this was not and appeared recently) that skins with metal elements, for example, the armor of the knight Jesse, have a shine effect, as if they were polished and now they sparkle:

Top skins

Naturally, all standard skins were replaced with paid ones, preference was given to skins from the latest Brawl Stars updates:

And many others

Also, the developers managed to unlock gold and silver skins:

In the character menu, you can select them, but you cannot use them in online battles, after entering the battle, the standard skin is displayed:

But they can be tested in the training cave or in friendly battles:

By the way, with this mod it will be impossible to buy them, since the store says that it has already been purchased:

We also noticed one interesting feature that the default skin of Mortis was replaced with the insidious Mortis, and the skin of Mortis in the top hat was replaced with the night witch Mortis. As a result, it turns out that you will have two paid skins for Mortis that you can play with:

Little things

Also, all sorts of little things have been changed, such as the font (in some places it was even made multi-colored), music, sounds and effects of skins, deep shadows in battles. The only thing in this version did not add beautiful profile icons and fighters.

Download Nice Brawl 28.189 with Surge

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