Download Brawl Stars 37.238 with new brawler Ash

Today we were shown a big update to Brawl Stars. The new Season 8 will delight players with new Chromatic Brawler Ash, new skins and new maps.

Download Brawl Stars 37.238 with new brawler Ash

Ash – The trash knight

Ash is a very grumpy cleaner at the castle courtyard. The main attack is a destructive wave, impact broom on the ground.

Super – calls robots for help. These robots are attacking
the enemy closest to them.

What’s new?

Frank, DJ Frank and Calavera Piper are getting new visual effects
Free Megabox for everyone! It will come with this update
Many other improvements…

Download Brawl Stars 37.238 with Ash

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