Download Brawl Stars 41.131 latest version with GROM AND FANG

Tomorrow is 3 years of the global version, so every day come into the game and until December 26 there will be a free reward for coins, boxes, skins and chests.

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GROM is the new broler – he’s the guard at the old park castle. His best friend is his woki toki, his walkie-talkie, and he is madly afraid of children. Therefore, to hide his fear of children, he wears a mask to cover his face.

He throws bombs that explode in different directions when they hit the floor.
His super strength is very similar to his normal strength, but much stronger, more destructive, and can destroy walls.


Fang, he works in the cinema, but he is also an aspiring actor who stars in low-budget action films. He kicks everyone who gets in his way, he does not have a series of attacks, but one single kick, so it is more difficult for him to hit, but at the same time he inflicts more damage. And if he misses, then his boot flies off his foot and the boot flies away where he hit.

Its super strength – releases a powerful flying blow that hits the enemy, and touches neighboring enemies.

Download Brawl Stars 41.131 with GROM AND FANG

Download LATEsT Nulls Brawl 41.131

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