Download alpha of Nulls Brawl 33.151 with RUFFS, EDGAR & BYRON + Skins

UPDATE February 19, 2021. Nulls Brawl alpha 33.151

Download alpha of Nulls Brawl with RUFFS, EDGAR & BYRON + Skins

Mandatory client update for Null’s Brawl Alpha 33.151 is out!

Major changes:
– Android 11 support
– Based on newer BS version: 33.151

And yes, you don’t need to delete the old version if you want your account to be preserved after the upgrade.

UPDATE February 13, 2021

Changes to Null’s Brawl Alpha!

  • Fixed some bugs in battles, including stopping the battle after using the ultimate amber or spout
  • Implemented several passives and the mechanics of displaying the status of passives and gadgets above the character
  • Fixed the calculation of attack damage and ult collet
  • Fixed collision of Edgar with walls when using an ult
  • The battle log was fixed to the end, some old records could be deleted
  • Implemented the ability to start a friendly battle on your map directly from the map list
  • Raised 2 powerful servers that can hold up to 7000 simultaneous battles!

This is the new alpha version of Null’s Brawl 33.151 with RUFFS, EDGAR & BYRON + Skins!

ATTENTION! This version is in a VERY raw state. Many things don’t work, but we are working on it.

To unlock all the brawlers, go to the SHOP and press UNLOCK ALL BRAWLERS

What’s new

New brawler Edgar
New brawler RUFFS
New brawler Byron
New implementation of battles


First, it is a separate server and the client is installed as a separate application. It does not depend on the main Null’s Brawl server in any way, here you have a separate account.
Secondly, there is a new logic of battles. It is still in a very raw state and at the moment it is normal, some attacks, gadgets, passives may not work.

Download alpha version of Nulls Brawl 33.151 with RUFFS

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